Wall ties for aerated concrete

Intended use

The wall ties are designed to provide fixing of a facing layer from masonry units and insulating layer from a porous material (aerated, foam concrete).


The wall tie for aerated concrete consists of the following components:
  • anchoring element molded plug from high strength plastics;
  • BFRP bar with uniform sand coating.


BPA 230-6-Gazobeton, where:
230 wall tie length, mm,
6 bar diameter, mm,
Gazobeton installation into aerated concrete.

Recommendations on the choice wall ties length

Wall ties length, mm: L = 90 + T + D + 90, where:
90 minimal wall tie anchorage depth in a base material, mm;
T insulation thickness, mm;
D width of ventilated gap (if any), mm;
90 minimal wall tie anchorage depth in facing layer, mm.

To fix a thermal insulating layer in walls with ventilated gap, a plastic restrainer should be used.

Technical characteristics

Wall tie length from 1800 to 500 mm
Bar diameter 6 mm
Length of a plug anchoring section 90 mm
Bar tensile strength, not less than 1 000 MPa
Bar bending strength, not less than 1 000 MPa
Wall tie pull-out force from aerated concrete D400 / D500 / D600, not less than 2 500 / 3 000 / 4 000 N

Regulatory documents

  • Technical specifications Galen BFRP anchor for aerated concrete TU 5714-013-13101102-2012;
  • Certificate of compliance No. POCC RU.A31.15265.


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