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Innovative nanotechnologies
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35% Increase of thermal efficiency?
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Why basalt fiber reinforced polymer material?

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Company Galen - composite materials and basalt fiber technologies

Galen is a Russian developer & producer of modern composite materials made of basalt - and glass fiber reinforced polymer which are used in construction, mining & highway industries. As the first introducer of basalt materials in Russia, Western & Eastern Europe, Galen is now the leading producer of BFRP construction materials on the national market.

Our products

Manufacturing of BFRP wall ties & composite reinforcement

With 18 years of working experience Galen is the chief Russian producer of wall ties, face dowels, composite rebars & masonry meshes. These products are notable for their durability & reliability, resistance to corrosion & fire, eco- friendliness. Moreover they are 3 times stronger & 4 times lighter than metal ones.

New products

Excellent characterstics of modern composites make it possible to use them in all areas of activity. Taking these facts into account Galen develops products for new industries.

Among the novel products of the company are composite window systems.

Manufacturing technology

BFRP wall ties have been produced with the help of nanotechnologies since 2009. Addition of nanoparticles into the polymer material allows developing composite material which is several times stronger and more durable and characterized by improved physical and mechanical properties.

Our achievements – composite materials

The products of the company are highly appreciated by experts abroad. Composites produced by Galen are in demand in Western & Eastern Europe, Asia, America and Australia. Thousands of passive houses are built in the UK with Galen BFRP wall ties.


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