Galen dowel for heat insulation fastening

Field of application

Construction driven dowel is used to fasten an outer heat insulation material in various façade systems, repair buildings and structures.


The dowel consists of a spacer a BFRP bar, a locking pin and an anchor element a sleeve made of polyamide.



  • SPD construction plastics dowel,
  • 200 dowel length,
  • 6 rod diameter,
  • 60 anchor element length.

Technical specification

Spacer diameter 6 mm;
Spacer length 100 - 260 mm;
Anchor element length (brick, concrete) 45 mm;
Diameter for anchor opening in brick, concrete 10 mm;
Concrete pull-out force not less than 700 N;
Operation temperature - from 45 to +45 0;
Dowels needed per 1 sq. m 5 - 6 units.


Heat insulation fastening constructions are reliable and easy to install. Use of basalt or glass fiber spacer improves their strength and makes these constructions thermally non-conductive. The dowel can be used for fastening of insulation boards of any thickness.
Galen façade dowel (TU 57 14 005-131011022009) is manufactured according to S 277010.

Our product range

  • Face dowel Galen


Installation procedure of Galen façade dowel:

1. Space openings according to design drawings.

2. Drill an opening in a base through an insulation layer. A drill should be 10 mm in diameter, while depth of an opening should exceed length of a corresponding dowel sleeve by 10-15 mm.


3. Use compressed air for removing dust from openings.

4. Insert an assembled dowel into an opening and hammer it in until a cap of a pin is aligned with insulation surface.

5. Finish the surface in stucco or install a suspended façade after dowels are fastened.

Minimum 5-6 dowels are required per 1 m2 of a blank wall.

For wall insulation spacing between SPD dowels both in vertical and horizontal directions should be 500 mm.

Galen façade dowels installation can be performed at lower temperatures. Dowel locking pins are made of freeze and impact resistant polypropylene, which provides survive installation.


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