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Galen offers to use wall ties made of basalt fiber reinforced polymer material (BFRP) in construction industry. These wall ties are designed to connect a bearing wall with a facing layer and insulation material placed between them. BFRP products make it possible to improve quality & strength of objects under construction, deliver solution to the problem of thermal bridging, reduce thermal conductivity of walls & self-cost of construction.


The wall ties is a basalt rods with one or two sand anchors, or a continuous sand cover. Depending on the form of a wall ties, the design includes an anchor element and the plastic restrainer.

Advantages of BFRP wall ties:

  • Low thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity coefficient of BFRP material - 0.46 W/m2, while of metal is 56 W/m2. Therefore, thermal conductivity of BFRP is 100 times lower. Galen wall ties solve the problem of thermal bridging occurring in metal constructions.
  • High corrosion- and chemical resistance. BFRP is resistant to corrosion and aggressive impact of alkali environment of concrete mortar.
  • Low density. BFRP wall ties are 3.7 times lighter than metal ones and reduce loads on construction foundation.
  • Strength and durability. Composite products by Galen are 3 times stronger than metal ones. Wall ties retain physical and mechanical properties in acid, warm and moist conditions.
  • Fire safety. Tests, performed according to GOST 30247.0-94 30247.1-97, showed that ultimate fire resistance of a panel with BFRP wall ties inserted into it equals to 151 minutes.


How to buy

Galen factory is located in Cheboksary, however we sell our products throughout Russia and abroad.
To buy Galen wall ties you can contact our factory in Cheboksary or our dealers.


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