Product nano-manufacturability

Galen offers innovative products with nanostructure. Application of nanotechnologies showes property improvement of construction materials: basalt-, glass- or carbonfiber reinforced polymer materials. Nanoparticles added to polymer allowes to develop a product which has much higher strength, durability & improved physico-mechanical characteristics.

In 2009 Galen was granted by Rosnauka for the report Nanocomposite materials on the base of epoxy matrixes for construction charactrerized with a complex of improved mechanical, heat-transfer properties & higher fire-resistance. Investigations carried out jointly with NIFKhI named after L.Ya. Karpov (Moscow) helped to receive a patent for the invention Nanomodified reinforcing element.

For the first time basalt fiber armature modified with nanoparticles was applied in 2010 for construction of a road section in the multinational highway Europe-Western China running through Tatarstan.

Development of various nanocomposite matertials allowes to offer products with improved properties for civil construction, tranport & mining areas.


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