Faced dowels

Field of application

Faced dowel are designed for fastening insulating layer to different types of base material for the installation of various facade systems.


The dowel consists of a spacer a BFRP and GFRP bar, a locking pin and an anchor element a sleeve made of polyamide.


  • Strength of the composite material ensures increased reliability of an entire structure;
  • Low thermal conductivity of the composite material prevents thermal bridging between buildings wall and environment, retains moisture conditions of a structure;
  • Corrosion and chemical resistance of the composite material eliminates the possibility of rusty stains appearing on a wall, allows the dowels to retain their physical and mechanical properties in alkali and heat-moisture conditions;
  • Frost resistance of the plastic plate-shaped element allows for installation at low temperature;
  • Rigidity and impact resistance of the plastic reduces the possibility of the inside out umbrella effect and destruction of an external thermal insulation systems and allows for reduction of damaged dowel;
  • Consistently high pull-out force from various base material.


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