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Why basalt fiber reinforced polymer material?

Basalt fiber reinforced polymer (BFRP) material is a modern composite material based on basalt fibers & organic binder. Basalt is inexhaustible mine rock which constitutes 30% of Earth crust.

Now basalt fiber reinforced polymer material successfully competes with metal & glass fiber products exceeding them through corrosion-, alkali- & acid-resistance, and other characteristics.

Chief advantages of basalt fiber reinforced polymer material:
  • High strength of basalt fibers is approximately equal to strength of carbon fibers. BFRP products are 3 times stronger & 4 times lighter than steel ones. Low density (low mass) of the material allows to build higher structures as well as reduce transportation costs.
  • Durability, resistance to corrosion, alkaline & acid substances, stable condition of the material are the most vital features of basalt fiber reinforced polymer material. These products have service life of more than 100 years while its quality remains on high level.
  • Heat- & fire-resistance (100 times lower than that of metal). It allows to decreases thermal conductivity by 35%.

Due to high thermal conductivity of metal rods used before for construction they are substituted with strong & non thermal-resistant glass fiber reinforced polymer material. The third generation construction material is BFRP material.

BFRP is the best available materials in coorelation cost & quality. For 10 years Galen widely introduces BFRP material into Russian construction industry being the chief producer of wall ties, face dowels, armature. Combination of excellent material characteristics opens new possibilities to use it in all vital areas of human activity. Bearing this in view, company proceeds to develop novel products for other industries. Among new products by Galen are as follows: rock bolts and composite lightning poles.


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