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Journal "Dorogi. Innovatsii v Stroitelstve" №9, 2013: Composites Galen for Safe Roads

october 15, 2013

light poles, Composite poles, traffic sign posts

It is pleasant to see new technologies and materials firmly establishing themselves on the Russian market of construction materials. Thus, currently, light poles made of composite materials are becoming more often on Russian roads. These poles are light, resistant to corrosion and chemicals, durable, easy to install. However among all their advantages the main is ability to redistribute impact energy. Obviously, today there is no better alternative to outdated concrete, galvanized and wooden analogues.

Composite lighting poles are a new product entered the Russian market. The novelty is manufactured by Galen Plant using the technology of TopGlass, the Italian partner of Galen and a member of KEMROCK concern, the leader of the field. The product has obtained the CE marking and the certificate of compliance №ROSS RU.AG43. N00788. Composite lighting poles have already proven themselves as a new high-tech solution and received positive feedback from clients and construction organizations from Tatarstan, Smolensk and Belgorod regions.

Another novelty developed by Galen for road industry is composite traffic sign posts. Unlike steel analogues they are light (1.5 kg per 1 running meter), resistant to corrosion and aggressive exposures; they do not require maintenance and painting. Besides posts made of composite materials have high passive safety properties. The developers are sure their high quality products will find a wide application on Russian roads.
Galen-TopGlass poles withstand high wind loads and low temperatures; they are resistant to high soil acidity, rainfalls and salt air. Poles are easy to install, no special equipment is needed. They are made of fiberglass – a light material which provides total electric isolation and saves costs for transportation of a finished product. Composite poles involved into road accidents failure absorbing impact force. This feature not only makes them more advantageous over traditional galvanized poles, but contributes to road safety as well.

Among other advantages of Galen-TopGlass poles are resistance to UV- radiation, long operation period – not less than 50 years and low maintenance costs. Due to their high corrosion resistance properties composite poles showed better behavior in aggressive environment compared to their galvanized analogues. Composite poles are the best solution for outdoor lighting systems in coastal regions. These products are ecologically friendly, do not require maintenance and protective covering; they can be painted in any colour.

Galen-TopGlass poles are manufactured in taped geometry and height from 5 to 13.6 m. Upon special request composite poles can be designed to meet specific requirements as height and loading on top.

Main fields of application:
- lighting of highways, roads, etc.
- local lighting;
- power supply and fiber optical lines;
- flag posts.

The following types of Galen-TopGlass composite lighting poles foundation are possible:
- flange foundation (a flange can be made of composite materials or steel);
- direct burial foundation;
- direct burial foundation, socket type (used for light poles, including composite).

Power supply lines can be installed both underground and overhead.

Recommended practices to use of Galen-TopGlass composite poles are defined in the album of technical solutions, developed by Gradpromproekt LLC together with Galen.


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