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Galen increases production capacities for wall ties for gas concrete

june 6, 2014

Basalt fiber reinforced polymer, Galen, wall ties for gas concrete

Gas concrete is getting increasingly popular in construction. Along with such properties as light weight, thermal effectiveness and ecological friendliness this type of wall materials has many other characteristics required in modern construction. Following this trend since June, 2014 Galen increases its capacities for products related to gas concrete use wall ties made from basalt fiber reinforced polymer .

Wall ties for gas concrete

The difficulty of tying up an inner gas concrete wall with a brick facing layer appears one of the main problems the construction companies and private developers is confronted with. The existing solutions are whether expensive or inefficient. Our company explored the problem and developed wall ties completely satisfying consumer needs.

Anchors (wall ties) made from basalt fiber reinforced polymer and designed to connect a brick facing layer with an inner gas concrete wall are bars of a circular cross-section with a molded screw plug at the end. This type of a composite anchor made from a nanostructured basalt fiber reinforced polymer designed to replace steel analogues is unique on the domestic and world construction markets. It can be used both in two layer (gas concrete and masonry) and three layer (gas concrete, insulation, masonry) structures. The closest analogue is steel wall ties, but their use causes a problem of thermal bridges and increases thermal conductivity of gas concrete.

The advantages of basalt fiber wall ties manufactured by Galen:
  • Secure fixing of structure components;
  • Improvement of energy efficiency, solution to "thermal bridging;
  • Improvement of temperature and humidity operation conditions;
  • Reduction of costs for construction;
  • Easy installation;
  • Improvement of temperature uniformity.
Due to the way of installation a wall tie with an anchor is not hammered-in, but screwed into a gas concrete block, a wall tie is securely fixed in a wall. Pull out tests performed by Central Research Institute of Construction Structures named after Kucherenko in 2012 proved the reliability of the product developed.


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