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Galen introduces THERMOSAVE dowel for rendered façades

march 5, 2016

Galen has launched its new product – THERMOSAVE façade dowel. The dowel is designed for installation in various façade systems, including those with thin rendering.

The dowel is based on a composite bar, which acts as an expansion element. Unlike plastic analogues with a metal expansion pin, which are delivered disassembled, the dowels manufactured by Galen are single-component: the anchoring plug is connected to the bar during the manufacturing process.
Two types of the anchoring plug are available to ensure firm fixation of the dowel in a base material. Various shapes of the plug make the dowel suitable for the use in any base material: concrete, aerated concrete, solid and hollow brick.

The THERMOSAVE dowel cap (plate-shaped element) is manufactured from impact and frost resistant plastics, which reduces damage of dowels during installation and allows works at low temperatures. Carefully designed shape of the cap significantly reduces the possibility of the cap surface damage and destruction of the external thermal insulating system.

Combining innovations, THERMOSAVE dowel has all traditional advantages of composite materials – strength, low thermal conductivity, high corrosion resistance.

THERMOSAVE dowel is available in the following :
Dowel length from 90 to 300 mm
Bar diameter 6 mm
Plug length 45 mm
Cap flat part diameter 60 mm

The dowels of other dimensions complying with the requirements of specifications can be manufactured upon agreement with a customer.

For Russian dealers the product became available in January, for European customers – since March 2016.

THERMOSAVE dowel is manufactured according to TU 2296-024-13101102-2014, has compliance certificate № POCC RU. AЮ31.Н15718 and technical approval № 4835-16.


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