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Galen composite sucker rod passes tests successfully

february 24, 2015

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Composite sucker rod, developed by Galen LLC, a project company of RUSNANO, jointly with Kupol PRO, JSC, was successfully tested and recognized ready for experimental use in one of the operating oil wells.

Sucker rod is a 7-9 m long steel rod 1.5-3 cm in diameter. Strings assembled from several sucker rods are used to transfer reciprocating motions to downhole pumps. Typically, oil-extraction units components exposed to heavy loads are manufactured from high-strength steel. However aggressive environments abrasives, high pressure and temperatures result in corrosion and reduced service life of steel components.

Galen innovative sucker rod is manufactured from GFRP composites and, therefore, it is resistant to corrosion, high temperatures and abrasives. Moreover, GFRP composites are lighter and stronger in tensile than steel, which allows significantly saving power consumed by surface equipment along with increasing fatigue strength and reliability of the entire string. Use of the development in a sucker rod string gives the possibility to recover oil from depths up to 3000 m.
In the current conditions in oil industry, use of the composite sucker rod is one of the ways to increase efficiency of oil extraction. It becomes particularly important, when global prices for oil are declining, - believes Valery Gurinovich, CEO of Galen LLC. The composite sucker rod is a domestically developed, import-substituting product.

Im sure that innovative solutions are essential for national oil industry. Im glad that jointly with Galen we were able to develop a product, which can significantly improve effectiveness of existing oil wells without replacement of equipment, - notes Vladimir Smirnov, CEO of Kupol-PRO JSC.

Galen demonstrated its composite sucker rod prototype for the first time at RUSNANO booth during the International Oil and Gas Transportation & Storage Technology Equipment Exhibition SIOTE 2014 in Shanghai, China.


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