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Saudi Aramco runs a project using Galen rebars

march 24, 2020

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Construction of a unique structure – a 23 km long floodway – was started in Jizan, Saudi Arabia, in 2019. Currently it is the world’s biggest project, where exclusively composite rebars are used as concrete reinforcement. The customer is a Saudi Arabia national oil company – Saudi Aramco. Galen was one of the suppliers of composite rebars for the project.

Jizan is an administrative and industrial center of the Jizan Region having access to the Red Sea. A refinery owned by Saudi Aramco is located there. Jizan is often flooded during the seasonal rainfall. Even a small amount of rainfall can lead to severe surface flooding and thus result in serious damages. The floodway will protect the refinery and surrounding areas against seasonal rainfalls.

The Jizan floodway is a unique design. Seasonal presence and absence of water during operation of the floodway will create aggressive conditions in it, which may finally lead to corrosion of reinforcement. Saudi Aramco refused from steel reinforcement in favour of composite one. Composite reinforcement has high operational properties and estimated service life of more than 100 years.

Galen became one of the suppliers of composite rebars for the Jizan project. GFRP rebras meeting the requirements of international standard ASTM D7957/D7957M-17 were produced and supplied for the project. The rebars were 13 mm diameter straight and bent rods. Amount of the rebars supplied exceeded 9 mln. linear meters of straight and 2 mln. linear meters of bent rebars*.

The Jizan floodway is a flagship project in the concrete reinforcement. It became an example of replacement of conventional materials with composite one. Besides the increased service life, the implementation of the project with the use of composite rebars made it possible to reduce costs for transportation and installation of rebars due to their lightweight: composite reinforcement is 4 times lighter than steel. Usage of composite rebars allowed for significant speed-up of reinforcement tying and installation as well as for reduction of construction period, use of heavy equipment and labour force.

*- amount of the rebars supplied by all manufacturers of composite reinforcement involved in the project


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