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Galens composite materials used for construction of pilot nano house in Moscow

march 31, 2015

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Construction of a 14-storey residential building involving the use of innovative technologies is expected to be completed this summer. The construction of the pilot nano house is carried out applying composite materials manufactured by Galen.

Nano house is a joint project of the Civil Construction Department of Moscow and RUSNANO. Application of nanotechnologies reduces construction time (all works are expected to be finished 5 months ahead of the time) and, therefore, cuts costs for construction. With the use of innovative solutions it is possible to increase life span of residential buildings by 30%. Moreover, high energy efficiency of the nano house will allow its residents to make savings on heating and electricity.

The project is being implemented with products manufactured by Galen. ROCKMESH composite mesh is used for fixing of internal partitions of walls. The mesh is lighter, stronger and more resistant to external environment than its steel analogues. Life time of the composite mesh exceeds 100 years.

Despite all in-situ concreting works have already been completed, the current stage of construction still involves the use of Galens products composite dowels are being applied for facade finishing. BFRP is a material having high strength and low thermal conductivity properties, which are essential when fixing of insulation boards composite dowels do not create thermal bridges between buildings walls and outdoor environment. Moreover, frost-resistant materials the dowels are made from (BFRP and impact-resistant polypropylene) allow installation works to be held at low temperatures.

This pilot nano house has all chances to become a prototype of a new generation house not only for Moscow but for the whole country. Interior systems and functional elements of the building are scheduled to be monitored 2 years after its commissioning. Upon the results the experts will make recommendations on the use of new materials and technologies in civil construction. Similar technologies have already been applied for construction of nurseries and schools. Within the joint project of the Department and RUSNANO a nursery and a school went into operation in a new microdistrict of Moscow in 2014.


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