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Galen obtained certificate for use of composite reinforcement in the territory of the Czech Republic

may 15, 2018

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In early 2018 Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague (TZUS) conducted tests of composite reinforcing bars manufactured by Galen LLC. On the base of the results of these tests our sales representative in the Czech Republic - ORLIMEX CZ, was issued the certificate. The certificate obtained is a proof of the quality of Galen composite reinforcement and correspondence of its performance characteristics to requirements of Czech standards.


Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague (Technicky a zku?ebni ustav stavebni Praha, s.p. – TZUS Prague), which held certification of the products, is the largest test center of the Czech Republic and the EU Notified Body for testing of construction products and materials. The main direction of TZUS Prague on the market of the Russian Federation is the support of Russian manufacturers engaged in exporting of their products and adaptation of their products to requirements of European standards.

The certificate for the Galen composite reinforcement, issued by TZUS Prague, is valid in the territory of the Czech Republic. It allows using this material in construction structures and components with prestressed and non-prestressed reinforcement to replace traditional metal reinforcement.


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