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Galen launches two new manufacturing lines at its plant in Kaluga Region

june 1, 2016

Galen, the largest manufacturer of modern composite materials in Russia, making part of Morton Group of Companies, launches two new manufacturing lines at its plant in Kaluga Region. Besides composite energy-efficient window units, composite lighting poles and composite masonry mesh for residential and road construction will be manufactured there. Investments by Morton in opening of Galen manufacturing facility in Vorsino totaled 700 mln. rubles.

The official opening ceremony, held on June, 1, was attended by Mikhail Men, Minister of Construction Industry, Housing and Utilities Sector of the Russian Federation, Anatoly Chubais, Chairman of RUSNANO Management Company LLC, Alexander Ruchyev, President of Morton Group of Companies, Alexander Avdeev, Deputy Governor of Kaluga Region.

One of events of the ceremony was signing dealer agreements between Galen and Top Glass SpA, Italy, and Greenhill Commercial Ltd, Great Britain, on promotion and sales of Galen products on the territory of Italy and Great Britain.

Galen is one of the pioneers of modern composite materials in Russia for domestic construction industry. Its high technology innovative solutions allow for significant improvement of mechanical, strength and other properties of new generation houses. New energy efficient houses built with Galen products will retain heat, which will result in considerable reduction of utility bills.

Since Galen made part of Morton Group of Companies in 2013, it has greatly expanded not only in production range, but in manufacturing areas as well. Today Galen has two manufacturing facilities – in Cheboksary (Chuvash Republic) and in Vorsino industrial park, Kaluga Region. Manufacturing area totaled 8 650 sq. m with 327 jobs created.

Area of the manufacturing facility located in Kaluga Region is 6 000 sq.m. 127 jobs have been created there. The plant equipped with the most modern equipment applies advanced technological processes for production of innovative nanomodified products with improved properties. RUSNANO acts as a technology partner.

The plant in Vorsino specializes in production of GFRP profiles as well as composite lighting poles and composite masonry mesh.

New GFRP window units leave behind their plastic analogues in their performance characteristics. They protect against heat loss, moisture penetration and noise. The windows are durable and transmit 12,34% more light in comparison with their standard analogues.

Besides, new material allows for production of window units in any sizes and shapes to meet any architectural concepts of buildings – in particular, they allow for floor-to-ceiling glazing, which improves exterior of a building and associates it with a premium property segment.

The lighting poles manufactured by Galen are more durable and cost efficient. They are 3 times lighter than metal analogues. But above all, the poles are impact safe - they do not cause injuries to passengers and huge damages to cars in vehicle-to-pole crashes. The plant is intended to produce 10, 000 composite lighting poles annually, which is sufficient for 200 km road lighting.

Composite masonry mesh manufactured by Galen is considered the best alternative to conventional steel reinforcement. It features enhanced resistance to chemicals, salts and corrosion. Lower thermal conductivity of the mesh is especially beneficial in the residential construction, as it improves thermal efficiency of buildings and in case of concrete structure damage the mesh retains its shape and protects against further destruction of the object. It can also be used in the road construction for reinforcement of road slabs, automobile roads and bridges. It is expected to produce 1 mln. sq.m of the composite mesh this year.

About 25% of innovative products manufactured by Galen is exported to the CIS, including Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan and abroad – in Great Britain, Italy, the United Arab Emirates. In the nearest future the company expects to get to the markets of Malaysia, Mexico, India and Egypt.


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