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Galen wins Best Innovative Product of the Chuvash Republic

january 15, 2015

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The Ministry of Economic Development of the Chuvash Republic announced ROCKMESH composite mesh the winner of the Best Innovative Product of the Chuvash Republic competition. According to the Commissions Minutes the mesh is awarded in the Best Innovative Product in Construction Industry category.

The Best Innovative Product competition was held by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Chuvash Republic in 2014 within the framework of the program for Innovative Development of Industry of the Chuvash Republic.
Organizations and individual entrepreneurs of the Chuvash Republic engaged into development and implementation of innovations took part in this competition. Among the laureates are products with high market potential, which are able to bring social and economic benefits and those are of interest to private and state investment institutions.

Galens ROCKMESH composite mesh became the best innovative product in the construction industry. It has come into the modern construction market to replace traditional mesh made of galvanized and stainless steel. Unlike its steel analogues composite mesh is corrosion resistant, light, non-conductive and is able to withstand high tensile stresses. Application of composite mesh in civil construction allows increasing thermal efficiency of buildings and structures up to 30%.

ROCKMESH composite mesh was entered into the Register of innovative technologies and technical solutions of the Department for City-Building Policy of Moscow in 2014 and it has already been actively applied in various construction projects in Russia and abroad.


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