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Aircraft hangar floor construction using Galen composite mesh

may 12, 2020

Galen, composite mesh

Galen is glad to announce a new project using composite mesh ROCKMESH for reinforcement of aircraft hangar floor construction. Project location: Marathon, Florida, USA.

Marathon - one of the most beautiful places of the Florida Keys archipelago is a narrow strip of the coast washed by the waters of the Gulf of Mexico from one side and the waters of the Atlantic Ocean from the other. This close neighborhood to salty ocean water makes a harsh environment for any structure. For this reason only durable in harsh environment and eco-friendly materials should be now used in construction and renovation of infrastructure. Composite material perfectly meets these requirements.

The Marathon airport receives dozens of light aircrafts daily. Soon a new 1100 m2 hangar for private aircrafts will be built here. Hangar floor thickness is from 100 up to 150 mm. Metal mesh is typically used for reinforcement of such slabs.

However for this project composite mesh ROCMESH by Galen was chosen. ROCKMESH consists of 3 mm diameter high strength composite bars, which make up 100 x 100 mm openings. Tensile strength of the bars is not less than 1200 MPa. Composite mesh does not rust; it is resistant to harsh environments. High strength of the mesh provides crack control. ROCKMESH is easy to work with, as it is 4 times lighter than steel. According to a contractor, a team of two installed 1100 square meters of mesh in just 2 hours. With the steel mesh this work would be done by three persons in at least 6-8 hours.

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