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july 9, 2019

Galen Receives the Best Exporter of the Chuvash Republic Award

The annual republic competition The Best Exporter of the Chuvash Republic was held by the Center of export support in June 2019. Galen LLC was recognized as the best exporter among the medium-sized enterprises of the region according to the results of 2018.

february 22, 2019

NIU MGSU and MSU held investigation of the foundation slab reinforced with Galen FRP rebars

The worlds first project on reinforcement of the foundation slab of a multi-storey building with composite polymer rebars was implemented in Salarevo Park district, Moscow, in December 2017. The project specified the GFRP rebars manufactured by Galen. The results of investigation of the foundation slab carried out by NIU MGSU and MSU named after M.V. Lomonosov have shown that the position of composite polymer rebars in structures body determined by the ground penetrating radar method coincided with the designed position of rebars in the slab.

january 29, 2019

Galen at World of Concrete 2019

Galen and its American subdivision Galen Panamerica participated in the international construction exhibition World of Concrete, where presented innovative composite materials for the reinforcement of concrete structures.

december 28, 2018

Galen wins the Best Exporter of the Chuvash Republic Award

Galen was once again recognized as one of the best exporters of the Chuvash Republic. The awarding ceremony was held in the Republic business incubator hall on December 28. According to the results of 2017 Galen LLC was awarded the Diploma of the II Degree among medium businesses.

october 8, 2018

Galen presented its composite solutions for construction infrastructure at the exhibition in Bahrein

One of the largest events in the field of corrosion protection - The 17th Middle East Corrosion Conference & Exhibition, was held in the Kingdom of Bahrein early October. Galen participated in the event and presented its products.

may 15, 2018

Galen obtained certificate for use of composite reinforcement in the territory of the Czech Republic

In early 2018 Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague (TZUS) conducted tests of composite reinforcing bars manufactured by Galen LLC. On the base of the results of these tests our sales representative in the Czech Republic - ORLIMEX CZ, was issued the certificate. The certificate obtained is a proof of the quality of Galen composite reinforcement and correspondence of its performance characteristics to requirements of Czech standards.

may 10, 2018

Galen at DesignBUILD in Australia

Galen, a leading manufacturer of composite construction materials, participated in the international exhibition DesignBUILD, held in Australia on May 2-4, 2018.

june 1, 2016

Galen launches two new manufacturing lines at its plant in Kaluga Region

Galen, the largest manufacturer of modern composite materials in Russia, making part of Morton Group of Companies, launches two new manufacturing lines at its plant in Kaluga Region. Besides composite energy-efficient window units, composite lighting poles and composite masonry mesh for residential and road construction will be manufactured there. Investments by Morton in opening of Galen manufacturing facility in Vorsino totaled 700 mln. rubles.

march 5, 2016

Galen introduces THERMOSAVE dowel for rendered façades

Galen has launched its new product THERMOSAVE façade dowel. The dowel is designed for installation in various façade systems, including those with thin rendering.

The dowel is based on a composite bar, which acts as an expansion element. Unlike plastic analogues with a metal expansion pin, which are delivered disassembled, the dowels manufactured by Galen are single-component: the anchoring plug is connected to the bar during the manufacturing process.

december 4, 2015

Galen proves nanotechnology of products

Russian Nanotechnology Products awarding ceremony was held within the 4th Congress of Nanoindustry Enterprises in Moscow on December 3, 2015. Galen was awarded the Diplomas for its two innovative products.


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