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Louvre Abu-Dhabi, UAE

Louvre Abu-Dhabi is a new museum opened in the capital of the United Arab Emirates in November 2017. The museum was designed by a French architect Jean Nouvel, the winner of the Oscar of architecture the Pritzker Architecture Prize. A series of more than fifty snow-white cuboid pavilions is floating on the water under a 180 m dome sparking with eight thousand stars. I imagined this building as an Arab agora, a place where people could gather, talk about culture and art, where they could come again and again. The idea was to make this building a museum in real, not only by its name, - says the architect.

As the museum is located on water, one of the primary concerns was durability. Composite mesh ROCKMESH with 2,2 mm diameter rod and 50x50 mm spacing was used for reinforcement of the upper concrete layer. Dowels THERMOSAVE were used for secure fastening of the mesh to the reservoirs walls.
  • omposite Mesh and Dowels


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